At Hasna, we believe innovation is not a solitary process, but a collective journey. We envision a world where multi-disciplinary collaboration is the norm. We are on a mission to redefine the approach to innovation, making it inclusive, collaborative, and aimed at changing our very ways of living.

“Current innovation is too narrow-minded. It generally focuses on one area, and forgets that everything in our lives is interconnected.”

- Andrei Hasna, Founder

The Vision

We imagine a world where innovation is not confined within silos or limited to the experts of a single field. Instead, it is a collaborative endeavor where artists, scientists, engineers, and thinkers from every field come together to create solutions that are truly revolutionary. A world where products and services are designed to not just meet market needs but to genuinely enhance our way of living.

The Problem

Today's innovation landscape is often constrained by boundaries—boundaries of expertise, of industries, of perspectives. Ideas are often developed in isolation, with limited viewpoints, leading to solutions that may solve one problem but inadvertently cause others. Access to innovation is often limited to a privileged few, leaving out a wealth of untapped potential. The result is a cycle of creation and problem-solving that is narrow in scope, exclusive in practice, and slow in impact. We believe it's time to disrupt this cycle.

The Mission

Hasna's mission is to bridge the gap between industries and disciplines, nurturing collaboration and fostering holistic innovation. We believe in the power of diverse minds converging to solve complex problems and create products that serve multiple human needs. We are committed to extending the reach of innovation beyond single sectors, and into the interconnected fabric of human life.

The Method

Hasna is a hub where interdisciplinary innovation takes center stage. We unite various fields and experts to build products that fundamentally reinvent the way we live. We provide a platform where innovators from diverse fields converge, share ideas, challenge each other, and work collectively on transformative projects.
Interdisciplinary innovation offers numerous advantages. It broadens our perspective, fosters creative problem-solving, and results in products that are versatile, well-rounded, and impactful. It brings about solutions that tackle issues from multiple angles, considering all aspects of life and society. By opening up the innovation process, we can create products and services that genuinely improve the human experience.

The Future We Imagine

We envision a future where such collaborative innovation is the norm, not the exception. A future where a city planner consults with a botanist to design greener cities, where an artist and a neuroscientist come together to create therapeutic art installations. We believe in a future where any individual, irrespective of their field of expertise, can contribute to shaping our world.

Join Hasna

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Whether you're an expert in your field, an aspiring innovator, or someone who simply believes in the power of collective creativity - we welcome you. Together, we can make this vision a reality. Let's break the boundaries, let's redefine innovation and let's change the nature of living.
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