Innovation Hub

Hasna unites disciplines and brilliant minds to build products that change the way we live.

Current innovation is too narrow-minded. It generally focuses on one area, and forgets that everything in our lives is interconnected.

We created social media to share moments…

We also created new ways to get depressed.

We created drugs that cure disease…

We also created more side-effects and disease.

We created convenient and fast ways to eat…

We also created more obesity.

The future is collaborative and interconnected...

When specialists from multiple disciplines come together and build products that address the entire human ecosystem, we can change the way we live.

Join or Propose
You can either join an existing team or propose your unique idea that can revolutionize our way of living.
Collaborate & Refine
Engage with a diverse group of experts, enhancing your project's potential through shared insights and collective experience.
Build & Scale
With Hasna's structured support, transform refined ideas into tangible, impactful products, paving the way for a better lifestyle.

Why Hasna?

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We connect innovators with experts from a wide range of disciplines. This diversity of perspectives fuels creativity, drives broader problem-solving, and opens up new avenues for innovative solutions.

Impact-Oriented Approach

We are deeply committed to creating tangible, positive change. We guide our innovators to ensure their solutions are innovative, sustainable, accessible, and beneficial to the wider society. We’re in it for the long haul.

Equitable Distribution

Hasna provides shares in each company to its innovators, ensuring fair rewards for all contributors. While we build the company, you build the product.

Our Pillars

We embrace diverse minds, fostering innovation to benefit wide-ranging individuals and communities.
We enable cross-disciplinary teamwork, merging unique insights for holistic, impactful solutions.
We advocate for solutions that serve the present and ensure future viability.
We fuel creative, boundary-pushing thinking to address complex, interconnected challenges.
We encourage flexibility and resilience, allowing pivoting based on evolving circumstances.
We strive for solutions that are available to all, irrespective of socio-economic status.
Holistic Approach
We consider more than one facet of a problem, crafting comprehensive solutions for lasting change.
We give people the tools and knowledge to better their own lives and communities.

Discover our successful and upcoming ventures.

Get inspired by what we're achieving and imagine the contributions you could make.
We study your unique DNA to custom-make vitamins that perfectly match your body's specific health requirements.
We make natural supplements accessible, trusted and efficient for everyone's daily health and wellness journey.
School of Reiki
Upcoming. We offer accessible, online courses to learn Reiki healing, anytime and anywhere, open to all, regardless of background.